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Monday Game Updates

Monday is finally here! That means we have a whole new set of exciting things coming your way this week. We can hardly wait to show you what we have in store, so let’s jump right into the excitement this week! 

Let’s Play Ball! – April 19, 2024

The stadium is getting an overhaul this week! On April 19th we will bid farewell to the Ice Rink in favor of the all new Baseball Stadium! This will bring a whole new stamp, new outfits and new memories to be made. Batter up! 

Get Ready to Rave at the Dance Club!

Let’s party! The Dance Club has introduced a new “Rave” mode. When more than 10 penguins gather, the nightclub lights will change to the color worn by the majority of the penguins, it even works with our custom colors. If there is no prominent color, rave mode will still activate. Grab your pals and give it a try!

Monday Updates

Now it’s time for our regular Monday updates, a new pin has been hidden somewhere on the island to celebrate the new stadium heading our way. Grab some pals and track it down! 

There is also a whole new set of community events to enjoy! Make sure you check out the community events board and head to a few of those events this week. 

Last, but most certainly not least, Aunt Arctic has whipped up the newest edition of the Club Penguin Times! Make sure you check it out for all of the latest island news. 

Until next time………Waddle on!


The Club Penguin Journey Team