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Monday Game Updates

Hi there Penguins,

Monday is finally here! With the success of Earth Day behind us, it’s time to look forward to another very exciting week ahead. We can hardly wait to show you what we have in store, so let’s jump right into things!

Medieval Party – May 17, 2024

You guessed right! If you haven’t gotten the chance to read the newest issue of the newspaper yet (we highly recommend you do!), the highly-anticipated Medieval Party will be arriving to the island on May 17th! Prepare your horses, don your finest armor, and shine your shields as we get ready for our biggest party ever!

As several reports have flooded in about a certain mysterious dragon being spotted around the island, we leave you with this little sneak peek of what we may have in store for us soon.

New Penguin Style – May 3, 2024

The newest edition of the Penguin Style catalog will be dropping this Friday, May 3rd! This catalog will be filled with all the antique ‘fits you’ll need for some Medieval madness on the horizon.

Double Coin Weekend

To coincide with the release of a new Penguin Style catalog on Friday, you’ll be able to earn 2x the coin rewards while playing any minigame around the island during this upcoming weekend. We hope this helps you with buying all the Medieval gear you want!

Please note that double coin weekend stacks on top of the double coin bonus you earn from obtaining all stamps for a particular minigame. Meaning, if you have earned all the stamps for a particular minigame and earn 2x the coin reward while playing that minigame as a result, you’ll be eligible to earn 4x the coin reward while playing that minigame this weekend!

Monday Updates

Now it’s time for our regularly scheduled Monday updates! Today’s update features a new pin, which has been hidden somewhere around the island. Grab some friends and see if you can land upon it! 

There is also a whole new set of community events to enjoy! Be sure to check out the Event Board at the Welcome Room to see what events are being held around the island this week!

Until next time…Waddle on!


The Club Penguin Journey Team