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POTW – Nessey

Hello penguins! We have arrived at another wonderful Monday. Monday is always a day to celebrate because we get to honor another fantabulous penguin of the week! This penguin of the week joined our community in December and has made a significant impact since she joined. This penguin is well on her way to 4 MILLION coins collected, she has mastered the waves, collected over 150 stamps and mastered the art of offering a helping hand. When she sees a penguin in need, she is sure to offer her assistance in any way she can. 

This week we are celebrating Nessey as our 58th Penguin of the Week! To know Nessey is to know a great friend indeed! Not only does she offer a lot of assistance to our community members in Club Penguin Journey, but she is always around to offer words of encouragement or advice regardless of the circumstance! 

Congratulations Nessey! For her continuous positivity and dedication to Club Penguin Journey, she will receive the Green Viking Helmet, the Penguin of the Week Background, and 10,000 coins to add to that ever growing collection. 

Would you like to be our next Penguin of the Week? Currently, the Penguin of the Week is selected by our dedicated staff. The only requirements are to be a kind and active member of our community! It’s important to note that all selected accounts must have a clean account history for at least 90 days. If you meet these criteria and want to be recognized for your contributions, keep waddling and spreading positivity in our community!


The Club Penguin Journey Team