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Medieval Party – Live Now!

Hail Penguins,

Calling all knights, kings, queens, princes, princesses, dragons, jesters, wizards, vikings, lords, and ladies. Join us now as we embark on an enchanting and treacherous journey into medieval realms. The greatest party to ever grace the land is LIVE NOW!

When we call this Club Penguin Journey’s biggest party ever, we are not exaggerating. This party truly is the most massive party to hit the island in terms of overall content as well as the amount of time and effort poured into its implementation. This party required contributions from every single member of our team up until its launch today. We could not be any prouder of our team’s hard work, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for everyone on Club Penguin Journey now until May 31st! With that being said, let’s jump right into things!

Medieval Adventures

The island is in desperate need of brave heroes who are ready to embark on a journey into the unknown. Don your armor, grab your shields, and prepare for an adventure like no other.

Journey into the Underground to take on the three Knight’s Quests. These quests will put your wit, bravery, and ingenuity to the test. Follow the signs and solve the puzzles on your quest to collect the treasure!

Danger lurks the skies and we need your help to defeat it. Traverse the island to gather three magical items. Bring these items to the doorsteps of the Mountain of Misery and prepare to battle and defeat the mighty Dragon King to save the kingdom and restore peace to the island!

Infinite Tower

Prepare for a never-before-seen custom party experience with ye olde medieval Infinite Tower!

Travel to the Snow Forts to embark on an unlimited journey up the Infinite Tower. To climb the Tower, you will need to overcome several challenges. The various rooms you will enter on your journey up the Tower consist of randomly-generated mazes, battles, and trivia. As you ascend the Tower, the challenges you encounter will become increasingly more difficult the higher up the Tower you go. The tougher the challenge, the greater the reward for conquering it.

  • Maze Rooms: Collect keys and treasure on the way to the exit before time runs out. Beware of the trapdoors!
  • Battle Rooms: Use the elements of fire, water, and snow to defeat the enemies. However, be aware that the enemies will fight back too!
  • Trivia Rooms: Answer a series of trivia questions to progress to the next floor. Hint: Your greatest friend in conquering these trivia rooms will be a strong attention to detail of the different rooms you encounter along your way up the Tower!

On your ascent, you’ll earn treasure and experience toward collecting special items. Every 5 floors you reach in the Infinite Tower will reward you with 1 Skill Point that you can use to unlock items in the Knights Path Interface.

Successfully exit the tower through a Break Room before your Spirit flame extinguishes and it’s game over! If you fail to exit through one of the Break Rooms before losing all 3 Lives, you’ll have to forfeit the majority of your hard-earned treasure, so be very careful!

On top of everything, we’ll be distributing 100k coins to each of the 100 Penguins who achieve the highest floors reached by the end of the Medieval Party! So, have fun and keep climbing!

Party Quests

There are a total of 20 new party quests that you can complete during the Medieval Party. From Easy to Extreme and from Solo to Community, there’s a ton of variety in the different quests you can complete. Per usual, completing each one will award you a varying amount of Gems, which you can use in future content. Here’s how many gems each quest rewards:

  • Easy Quests: 10 Gems
  • Medium Quests: 20 Gems
  • Hard Quests: 30 Gems
  • Extreme Quests: 50 Gems

If you complete every quest, you’ll be eligible for a special final reward fit for only the most heroic of heroes! The prize will be awarded automatically to your Penguin account upon successfully completing all 20 party quests.


There are quite a few stamps you’ll be able to earn over the course of this party. These include the following:

Easy Stamps

  • Explorer

Medium Stamps

  • Party Puzzle
  • Target Champion
  • Path Finder
  • Noble Knight

Hard Stamps

  • Gary

Gary Meetups

You’ll be able to meet the island’s favorite gadget guy, Gary, during this year’s medieval celebration. Gary will be waddling around the island with tales to tell and a new custom medieval background designed by our very talented designer Gospel!

Gary will be making three scheduled visits to the island during this party. These three scheduled visits will occur at the following times:

  • May 18th – 2:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
  • May 24th – 8:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
  • May 29th – 9:00 AM Penguin Standard Time

In addition to the above scheduled times, Gary will be making surprise visits to the island as well, so please do not feel discouraged if you are unable to make it to any of his scheduled visits. There will be several opportunities to meet him during the Medieval Party!

Wrapping Up

Not only is this party the largest in terms of content, it also boasts one of the most impressive designs we’ve been able to bring to life. From the player cards to the maps, rooms, decorations, music, and items, our team really knocked it out of the park in capturing the medieval aesthetic. Speaking of music, we have a total of 8 custom songs featured in various rooms across the island that were composed by our very talented composers Hannatalia and Cook, all of which you can find on our YouTube channel now!

We’re also very pleased to announce that we’re hosting a Medieval Igloo Contest from now until May 28th. For more details regarding this awesome opportunity, be sure to read our new blog post by clicking here.

Last but not least, don’t forget to stop by the market (otherwise known as the “Gift Shop” to the modern day Penguin) on May 24th for a new explosive selection of items for sale in the Medieval Party catalog!

This year’s Medieval Party is here to stay until May 31st. So, make sure to participate in all the festivities and quests before this enchanting party leaves the island!

Until next time… Waddleth on!

– The Club Penguin Journey Team