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Monday Game Updates

Hi there Penguins,

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We have another great week in store for us on the island in preparation for our biggest party ever! Let’s learn a little bit more about what’s happening around the island this week!

New Igloo and Music Store – May 10th

If you read last week’s edition of the newspaper, you may already know by now that the Igloo and Music Store will be receiving their monthly updates this Friday! Prepare for a medieval expedition like no other with some new tunes and furniture to make your igloo fit for a king or queen!

Medieval Construction: Phase 2

Let Phase 2 of Medieval Construction commence! Our island’s construction crew has been hard at work this past week as we prepare to transform the island into the greatest medieval celebration on May 17th! I hope you’re as excited as we are!

Monday Updates

Now it’s time for our regularly scheduled Monday updates! Today’s update features another new pin, which has been hidden somewhere around the island.

There is also a whole new set of community events to enjoy! Be sure to check out the Event Board at the Welcome Room to see what events are being held around the island this week!

Until next time…Waddle on!

The Club Penguin Journey Team