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Monday Game Updates

Hi there Penguins,

With the Summer Kickoff Party in full swing now, hopefully you all have been enjoying the festivities. Although there’s not a ton of new updates to share with you this week, let’s take some time now to review a few important events and dates to keep in mind for the week ahead!

New Stage Play – June 21st

As we discussed in last week’s edition of Monday Game Updates, a new play will be arriving to the Stage this Friday, June 21st. Get ready for some exhilarating adventure with the premier of the Quest for the Golden Puffle!

Jet Pack Guy Meetups

Jet Pack Guy will continue making visits to the island throughout this week until the conclusion of the Summer Kickoff Party. He has two scheduled meetups still remaining, which will occur at the following times:

  • June 18th – 5:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
  • June 21st – 9:00 AM Penguin Standard Time

Summer Kickoff Party Ends – June 21st

The Summer Kickoff Party officially comes to a close this Friday, June 21st. So, make sure to take advantage of everything the party has to offer before it departs from the island soon!

Monday Updates

Now it’s time for our regularly scheduled Monday updates! Today’s update features a new pin to add to your collection, which you can now find hidden somewhere around the island.

There is also a whole new set of community events to enjoy. Be sure to check out the Event Board at the Welcome Room to see all the new events that are being held around the island this week!

As always, we cannot thank you enough for all your continued support!

Until next time… Waddle on!

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The Club Penguin Journey Team