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POTW – Burrban

Heya everybody! It’s Monday yet again, and that means it’s time to celebrate another penguin who has positively contributed to our island. This penguin joined us in February of this year but has already made quite an impact on the igloo scene. He has also just recently mastered the waves to earn the bulk of his igloo spending money!

This week, we are celebrating our 66th Penguin of the Week, Burrban! Burrban can be found hanging out on our Discord server, recommending the newest igloo items and sharing his complex and remarkable igloos. He is known by many as an “Igloo Master,” and the Club Penguin Journey team agrees! Beyond his igloo creation ability, Burrban is a penguin who spreads positivity and shares his knowledge and kindness with others, which makes him the perfect Penguin of the Week.

Thanks for all you do, Burrban! You will receive the Green Viking Helmet, the Penguin of the Week background, and 10,000 coins to go towards the igloo creation fund. Keep being you!

Would you like to be our next Penguin of the Week? Currently, the Penguin of the Week is selected by our dedicated staff. The only requirements are to be a kind and active member of our community! It’s important to note that all selected accounts must have a clean account history for at least 90 days. If you meet these criteria and want to be recognized for your contributions, keep waddling and spreading positivity in our community!

– pres

The Club Penguin Journey Team