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POTW – FluffyMuffin

Hello everyone and HAPPYYYYY Monday! It is time to celebrate my favorite part of every Monday, PENGUIN OF THE WEEK! This week’s penguin has been playing Club Penguin Journey since the Alpha Party, and while he may not be a minigame superstar (much like myself), he earns his keep by working away in the mines and making plenty of new pals.

You can find our 65th Penguin of the Week, FluffyMuffin, chatting with friends or creating a brand new igloo design to share within our Discord server! He has quite the eye for design and is sure to boost other penguins’ designs all across the island, encouraging them as they hit the next goal or complimenting the hard work put into their igloos.

Congratulations FluffyMuffin on becoming our newest Penguin of the Week! You will receive the Green Viking Helmet, the Penguin of the Week background, and 10,000 coins. Way to go!

Would you like to be our next Penguin of the Week? Currently, the Penguin of the Week is selected by our dedicated staff. The only requirements are to be a kind and active member of our community! It’s important to note that all selected accounts must have a clean account history for at least 90 days. If you meet these criteria and want to be recognized for your contributions, keep waddling and spreading positivity in our community!

– pres

The Club Penguin Journey Team