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POTW – Pals09

Hello folks and Happy Monday! Monday always brings us another fabulous penguin to celebrate who contributes love and positivity to our island. This week, our Penguin of the Week is someone who joined us in August of last year and has been having an absolute blast on the island ever since.

Our 67th Penguin of the Week has impressively collected over 140 stamps and has a passion for nature photography. He captures breathtaking photographs of sunsets and rivers, sharing these stunning images with our community on Discord! He is also a tremendous supporter of other artists within the community, always encouraging and uplifting them. You can always find him enthusiastically participating in community events and making new pals! Let’s give a big cheer for our newest Penguin of the Week, Pals09!

Thank you, Pals09, for your continued support and the positivity you bring to Club Penguin Journey. As a token of our appreciation, he will be receiving the Green Viking Helmet, the exclusive Penguin of the Week background, and a whopping 10,000 coins. Way to go, Pals09! Be sure to congratulate him if you see him waddling around the island.

Would you like to be our next Penguin of the Week? Currently, the Penguin of the Week is selected by our dedicated staff. The only requirements are to be a kind and active member of our community! It’s important to note that all selected accounts must have a clean account history for at least 90 days. If you meet these criteria and want to be recognized for your contributions, keep waddling and spreading positivity in our community!

– pres

The Club Penguin Journey Team