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POTW – ScorpioVenom

Hello everybody and Happy Monday! We’re back at Monday again with a lot of fantastic and fun news coming your way this week. Make sure you are checking out the newest events and definitely be sure to check out the Newspaper for some exciting information.

On top of all the exciting updates, I have the honor of announcing our newest Penguin of the Week! This penguin is no stranger to our community. They have been here since Beta and have been waddling around ever since!

ScorpioVenom is a friend to many and a stranger to none. They bring joy and enthusiasm wherever they go. You can often find them making fun and engaging YouTube videos, hanging out with friends at various events, or, most famously, hosting Frog parties at the Dance Club and turning the place a vibrant green.

Not only is ScorpioVenom a social butterfly, but they’re also a cart surfing pro! When they aren’t chilling with friends, you can find them riding the rails and showing off their impressive skills. Their positive energy and infectious enthusiasm make our community a brighter place.

ScorpioVenom is truly a light in our community, and it’s clear why they are the perfect candidate for our 70th Penguin of the Week! For all your contributions and the positivity you bring, ScorpioVenom, you will receive the prestigious Green Viking Helmet, the Penguin of the Week background, and 10,000 coins!

Congratulations, ScorpioVenom! Keep shining and making our community a better place!

Would you like to be our next Penguin of the Week? Currently, the Penguin of the Week is selected by our dedicated staff. The only requirements are to be a kind and active member of our community! It’s important to note that all selected accounts must have a clean account history for at least 90 days. If you meet these criteria and want to be recognized for your contributions, keep waddling and spreading positivity in our community!

– pres

The Club Penguin Journey Team